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NC 17 Stories
Okay, I haven't browsed the site logged-out for ages, but since nowadays I'm logged out everytime I start up my the computer I simply didn't notice. So I'm not sure whether this has always been the case or whether it's a new thing - but be that as it may, I'm not amused:

Non-members cannot access NC17 stories. This basically forced people to join up with the site simply to read everything that's on it. But I don't want my readers to feel obliged to register here, that's not my concern. I simply what them to READ MY FIC.

Now, I can understand that you want to protect the kiddies from reading stuff they're not supposed to read. But restricting access to members clearly is not the right way to go about it. By registering, you agree that you are at least 13 years of age. And how does this correlate with reading NC17 stories? So every 13-year old member automatically gains the right to read my mature stories, while visitors from adult groups/lists/forums which I know I are way past their twenties are denied that exact right. There's no logic here...

If you want to implement something like this, I'd suggest a simply age statement.

I for one, wanted Ficwad to host all my fic, so I could point people this way. But if they are then not able to read said fic, then what's the reason to post here at all?

I see what you mean, but, hosting NC-17 stuff can cause a lot of trouble for a site.

Restricting nonmembers is a really good way of preventing people from just throwing the link about. It's hard for an upset group to find your fic just by looking over the site or using a search engine. They'd have to sign up first, then when they're trying to get attention, get the gawkers to sign up in order to see what they're complaining about. The people who cause trouble are almost always not part of fandom general, so restricting it to people who sign up can do a lot for damage control.
The question is what kind of trouble you mean: Legal trouble? Because then the current system is totally useless. It basically invites minors to come up, register and then read adult stories. If anything, it puts Ficwad in an even more conflicting position.

In case you mean simply wank-trouble (because the scenario you describe sounds a lot like the bunch who haunted LJ a while ago). I must say I couldn't care less. In the end, the internet is about providing content, not restricting it.
I don't think so. It restricts access to people who register, and I think it's a bit of an exaggeration to say it invites minors to come read NC-17 stuff (if it was all unlocked, would that really be less inviting?)

Legal trouble: it's harder for non-fandomers it to find because NC-17 stuff can't be found by search engine or nonmembers. And because people have to sign up and choose to see it, rather than being able to stumble on it by accident, it's easier to say that kids at large were protected and that any kid that does come across it did it on purpose. Maybe it doesn't really prevent the kids from finding it (would anything?) but it makes it more likely there won't be a big legal attack just by keeping low profile, because it's a lot harder for anyone not in fandom to stumble over.

I can understand it's frustrating because it reduces/inconveniences your audience, but I think there's reasoning behind it. Plus it's not like they're the only ones. Over on Deviantart mature pieces are blocked too.
Yes, it restricts access to registered members. But it does not restrict access to people legally "allowed" to read said fic. That's all I'm saying. There are other ways to keep the kiddies from reading adult stories (they all have their faults, let's not pretend they're perfect), I simply think what has been implemented on Ficwad is not one of them.

As for the legal trouble. I don't think NC17 will get into more trouble than posting Anita Blake fanfic (notice the category on Ficwad, even though Laurel K. Hamilton opposed to fanfic last I checked). It just gives you an added yuck-factor.

But you observed correctly: I'm frustrated with Ficwad at the moment - for a lot of reasons. The site feels like a very early beta version and that is no fun. I'm currently looking into other archives. I really liked Ficwad, because it embraced all writing. At the moment it's a building site.