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Feed your cache
Two things:

1. Feeds are back. Currently we have all recent stories, all recent stories in a particular category, and all recent stories by a particular author. ATOM is the format. Once per hour is the maximum update frequency. (I happen to like Google Reader myself for this stuff.)

2. Cache clears triggered by the site being edited are no longer performed immediately; they're now deferred until a few minutes later. It turned out that immediate clearing scaled really badly, causing a lot of delays.
There was a bug in my cache change that was making new chapters in stories take longer than expected to actually appear in the chapter list. That should be fixed now.
Is there any way to delete my account? Whenever I post stories up here it cuts off the text, I'm tired of messing with it and would rather trudge up my stuff on my old accounts on other sites. :/
current bug: review counts
Review counts are off. Example:
where one review is posted to the story-index (not to a specific chapter) and the count shows as 3. I waited about 15 minutes, while refreshing the reviews page in my browser, just in case the count reflected entries currently held in cache; nope.

minor quibbles:
-many of us tend to use underbars (_) instead of slashes (/) as italic/underline toggles. please add that mapping to the review/message editor.
- it would be nice to have a 'preview post' option. I catch a lot of my stupid errors when my text goes from being shown in a tiny TEXTAREA peephole to being shown in final form.
I agree with siaru about the preview post option. I do the same thing and it's really annoying.
I was wondering if there was a way to have a reply alert to let you know when an author replies to your review. I was also wondering why certain milti chaptered stories first page just dissapears.
Please delete my account!
I have sent numerous mails to the admin e-mail address and respectfully requested that my account be deleted.

Without any reaction at all.

Can someone around here tell me how to get my account deleted?


This is a bug, but I can't actually get into the 'Site Issues' section as I get this error:

Cache_Lite : Unable to write cache file : /home/.unity/sunkem/ficwad.com/cache/cache_9/cache_9d/cache_f4b72619b23f85b11e9f01b1063fde56_561aff491cbd654def4b5333f0c51ac4

The cache number/letter changes every time, though.

It's not just the forum though, it's almost any story with more than 1 chapter and sometimes, just the latest chapter. Same if I click on reviews or sometimes even try to update my own. It can be a bit random - ie works sometimes but not others.

Please help! I'm addicted to this site!! :D

Sas x
I'm getting the same error message as Sassy above at :

Cache_Lite : Unable to write cache file : /home/.unity/sunkem/ficwad.com/cache/cache_f/cache_f6/cache_3bcd75100957f5b000dab0debdb9edd6_3e1c6b0289462305e3d473955860f426

This is a multi-chapter story (at least the author page says it is) so it sounds like the same error. In any case, a failure in the caching code ought not prevent us from accessing pages -- slow it perhaps, but not prevent it.
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