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im new please help
Hi i'm new on here how do I begin my own story?
click on the tab at the top saying 'my account'
then go to 'stories'
then Add Story

Once there you have to fill out the page with the title, catagory, character and rating etc and can either copy and paste your stories text in or if it's a saved .txt doc you can click browze and upload it that way

Sorry if that wasnt very easy to understand I'm not that great at explaning computer stuff.
If you are wondering the technical aspects, that's how you upload a story, however if you are trying to write a story and are confused, there are a few things.

First, you need an idea, if you don't have one, random pairing generators, generic ideas, even going through and reading summaries and coming up with ideas that way can help.

Second, if you story is fan fiction, a disclaimer needs to be used. Then no mater if it's original or fan fiction you just begin writing.

Third, if this is the first time publishing a work online, I highly suggest finding a beta reader, this could be someone online or someone you know personally.

Fourth, add the story and wait for the reviews. Also, a suggestion accept constructive critism as it comes your way, if it's your first story published, chances are it won't be your best, but if you accept constructive critism as you write more you'll get better and better.

Good luck on your writing. :)
I know this may be the wrong place to ask this, but I have to know. Is this a pay site or a free site.
ok so im trying to put my story up and i fill everything out but when i get to story text i get so lost. once i skipped it and the next i put my story into it and hit submit, then it takes me back to the same screen only everything is blank.

Someone help me please cause its my first time putting a story up on this site.