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Rating points had been not refilling, and I had been at a loss to work out why.

Turns out my eyes were skimming over a typo all along. (".sh" instead of ".py" -- who knew?)
I still cannot actually do anything with my ratings points. I can go through the motions of rating a story, and my rating points do diminish every time I do, but the rating never shows on either the story or the chapter that I have rated. Sometimes the NAME of the rating I used will appear, but the points on the story show no change.
What about fixing the issue with the review counts?
I'm going to chime in on the review count issue. It would be nice to know how many reviews I really have.
Looks like the ratings points still are not refilling. Aside from that one-time deal when you posted this.

It doesn't really matter, since it appears that OneEye is right, the rating points don't actually do anything to a story's rating.
Just a question,
Does anybody really read the fics here? I keep getting 0's day after day for my latest chaps. And I know someone has to be reading because I send out addresses to my fans.
There are some bad stories here - in fact one very, very poorly written piece. It has a 2 rating, however, when I try to give it the -1 rating that I believe it deserves, I am denied and told it is out of the "range." The story sucks, I should be allowed to rate it appropriately.
Joining the choir, here.
I have people telling me how they like my story, and have given me rating points, but I'm still at bloody zero. I get 500+ reads in 24h for my new chapters. There's no way that zero is right.
well, the refilling is working, and has been for the last two weeks, but the points don't seem to actually do anything. I'd have rathered you fixed it so the points worked but didn't refill as often instead of refilling regularly but not doing a thing.
Again, I am at a loss as to why one is not allowed to give appropriate ratings - I give +1s because there are some fantastic pieces - but some of this stuff - just poorly written drivel. If my honest opinion is that it deserves a -1, why can't I rate it so?