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How long for story to appear on Site once submitted?
I just posted my first story on here last night and I was wondering if someone could tell me about how long it normally takes to show up on the site.
When I click "stories authored" on my profile page, there's nothing there.

i have the same problem. an answer would be very nice.
Well, it has been more than 10 days now - and it still says I have authored no stories.
Let me know if yours shows up faster!
I just wish someone could tell us if this is the norm!
same here
I am so annoyed I want to show my friends but since they haven't shown up I can't. Anser anyone?????????
i had the same problem. until i went back and realized i hadn't saved it in the proper format. there was no "invalid format" warning or anything when i submitted, so i thought you had to wait. i went back and saved my story as a .txt file, resubmitted, and it showed up instantly. hope that helps :]
When you post a story it should appear immediately in the "My Account" section, and on your profile page.

It should then take a maximum of 10 minutes to appear in the category listing.

(If you're submitting a story and it's failing to post and you're not getting an error message then that's a bug.)
That is very helpful (actually the ONLY helpful information anyone has bothered to give us.)

I am going to try again and see what happens.
lol. and thanks to you too killertrend! i didn't realize someone else had responded.

i will have to check for that one too :)