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That's exactly what my teacher told me to do as well Tian- but I still can't help going ADD when I hear them talking...

I wish I didn't have to play as a Senior- we're actually the most relied on batch at my school I think... actually I'm pretty sure that we are.

and I feel your pain Annej- we have to wear that same kind of uniform- with all the wool and hot... and I live in the South so it's even worse when we have to do a parade during the spring semester- which we are luckily not doing this year.

I've got a solo preformance coming up...the first one's not that big but the second one is the Solo and Ensemble preformace- I'm so nervous but I've got my piece picked out and am working on it now...
Aren't the upperclassmen always the most relied on class in band? Last year we didn't have any Seniors, so we sucked. And now this year we sucked because of the freshmen.

All this talk about uniforms are making me nervous about playing in the parade! You guys are freaking me out! I know it will be hot by the time that comes around, and I can't take the heat!
You had no seniors last year?! Dang!

Don't worry, MangekyoChidori, don't worry! Do what I do and shove a bottle of water into your sleeve, sooo useful. But then again, our band director forgot to get chaperones to give us water last parade, oops. You only have to worry if you've got a heavy wool uniform.

G'luck, Syramoon! Solo things scare me too much, you're much braver than I.
Thank God! I just found out that our uniforms aren't wool! Whew, that's a load off my shoulders. But I bet is's still gonna be hot that day.

Yea Annej, no seniors last year. It sucked.
just to let you guys know...
I'm Tian87...
just had some problems with my acoount so i made a new one...

But anyway!!!
I'm sooo looking forward to marching band this year...
Anybody else looking forward to it??
i play flute and piccolo.
power to the band geeks. haha. (:
hmmm... i don't think i'm gonna play in college this year. I've played all through middle and high school, and i'm kinda tired of the Barritone.

But for some reason, i really really want to learn to play the Violin. It has such a beautiful sound to it and sometimes listening gives me goosebumps.
Oooh, violin? I've actually always wanted to learn how to play the cello, but I'm much too cheap, haha.

We're playing Carmen in marching band next year. I'm pretty happy about it =]
Marching Band season has offically began for us Band Geeks At Bourbon County!!!
We just got done with Band camp this past Friday!! (Thank god!!)
It was so much fun. But lots of hard work. Our show is about the Senses this year. Very corny name: Makes Sense
Cool music though.
And I'm offically a high school freshman, but i do NOT suck. I was in marching band last year, and can play better than two of our junoirs!!
You're already done camp?!