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Ratings: They Work (Now)
The very valid complaints about rating being somewhat broken have been resolved, I do believe.

I've refilled everyone's rating points. Go forth, my subjects, and tell stories what you think of them!
It's fixed as I can rate again, but they aren't showing up next to the story...what's up with that?
Thanks for fixing that. But now can you please work on alerts? I'm not getting any. And my review count is still off. If I have ten reviews I would like to know.
Otaku93: Ah, I wasn't scheduling the category cache for regeneration, which meant it was taking up to 24 hours until a rating was appearing in a listing. (Or until something else regenerated it, like a story being posted/edited.)

I've changed that -- it'll now show your new rating in at most 10 minutes after your vote.
Review Counts
It looks to me like your review count display (above the story / chapter summary) is displaying a flag as a number; or is that a procedure return-status? It's always either 0 or 3.
New Categories
Yes, the ratings are working. I don't suppose now would be a good time to add Last Exile to the anime/manga category and Heroes to the TV category? [hopeful]
delete my account
Can someone delete my account? I've sent many emails and asked about it on the forum. >_< I don't like have my name here.
Nice to see some progress, I was wondering if this site was ever going to be fixed. The review counts are still FUBAR, the search, filters, and alerts are still nonfunctional, but the ratings are working. It's a good start. A very good start.
The last two times I've tried to rate new chapters, only the negative rating side was clickable! (Oh, and the points refilled last week on Saturday night, not Sunday night . . .)
Still not good enough.
To be perfectly honest, getting the ratings system working is of no concern to most people. What needs to be fixed IMMEDIATELY are the email alerts and search/filter functions for the archives. There has been no response from the admins on this issue at all since the "upgrade". If there are reasons why these functions still haven't come back, you should at least let us know about them. Just sticking your head in the sand and hoping the issue goes away will only result in the users going away. It's taking far too long to get these basic functions up again, and I'm pretty sure you're losing authors and readers because of it.