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looking for a naruto/pokegirl story
yeah just like it says, naruto went into the pokegirl realm

it was like naruto onirimusha or something, and i can't find it.

does anybody know of it?
nvm this one, i couldnt see my last one thought it didnt get posted
answer 2 ur question
The name wouldn't be Naruto Oniriyousha, would it? :-)
its called "The DemonMage: The PokegirlWorld Saga" by chaosdriver if you're still interested. here's a link:
I cant find it! Everytime i klick on the link above, my browser opens the main page! What's wrong with the story? Please dont tell me it was deleted? what the hell happened?
All of chaos driver's stories got deleted from what i can tell.
all works deleted seemingly from everywhere. ffn, mediaminer, ficwad... all gone
Is there anywhere at all to find a copy of "The DemonMage: The PokegirlWorld Saga" by chaosdriver ??? Even if someone copied to to their computer to read offline.
I found a site where you can download this fic
You have to download a plug in buts its free.

Here is the address


Just go through the list until you find it.
anyone know why he disappered