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i'm looking for a real good my chemical romance story.
does anybody know a really good my cemical romance story.l if so will you tell me please.
Have you read "We Like Movies" by MCArmyWife? It is the most amazing story ever. Go check it out:


And I also wrote one, and I feel like promoting myself so here, if you'd like to give it a shot:


And while I'm at it, I also wrote a one-shot:

There's a really well written story called Come As You Are being posted at the moment. It's so beatifully written...
Link here-

And go check out all of Smooshy's stories. She really is amazing.
Link to her profile here- http://www.ficwad.com/author/32120

Same with GerardWayIsSex (her profile name really doesnt do her justice)
Link here- http://www.ficwad.com/author/58670

If you want go check out my fics too =)
I've been told they're pretty good and I have about 26 oneshots now as well as 2 complete series and an ongoing series.
[just click on my name I can't be bothered to put a proper link]
I've just started writing some MCR fanfics, idk but you might like them.
you can try vampires will never hurt you. i did not write it but it is very good.
Well, I am in the middle of writing one called My Redemption. I just posted it, so I'm not too sure on how it is. It's not really smutty if you don't like it, but it does have light Ferard in it.


I have three favorites on my profile so far, and they are “We Like Movies” by MCArmyWife, "Not A Sound...Unless It's For Me" by browser18 and “Something Like This” by frankxgerard. I would include links, but I'm not really sure how. And, because I am vain, may I reccomend my own? It's called, ahem, "As Of Yet, Untitled". I can't really title something until I finish it, so there you are. Happy reading!
I read "Not A Sound...Unless It's For Me" and thought it was excellent! Really touching, sweet and, at times, hilarious! Highly recommended!
I'm not good at recommending my own stuff, it feels weird, but I just got some great reviews and I'm a bit bouncy at the moment, so here goes!
It's called "If Only He Knew" - it's a bit serious and violent in parts, so don't read if that troubles you.