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"Things that are back" for $500
"What are email notifications?"

They've actually been enabled for about two hours now, during which time I noticed that it was kind of spammy without an editing delay for stories. So now the notifications won't go out for a few minutes after you update the story, giving you time to find and fix that one comma.

Now we're getting somwhere.
Great work, now you just need to fix the filter/search functions and people like me will stop complaining :P

Seriously though, things are going in the right direction now. Thank you.
sweet! just about all other problems seem minor compared to not getting alerts so I am really glad you guys got this fixed.
I get a lot of empty mails...

Hello Xipheon,

You asked to be informed whenever by was updated.

In a shocking twist, an update has been made!

Enjoy it here: http://www.ficwad.com/story/
Xipheon: Should be fixed now. Sorry for the inadvertent junk mail...
Yup, it's fixed! Great job ;)
While the others eagerly await the fixing of the filters, I am wondering when the new categories currently in Limbo will ever be added. I've suggested Last Exile multiple times now, and still nothing (even while other Anime categories continue existing even though they're empty).

Sorry for whining. I am happy to hear that e-mail notifs are fixed. :D
GOod job! Now we just need searching and filtering back and this will be a good site again.
View Counter
My view counter isn't working. I've gotten reviews on my stories, so I know people have read them, but the view count stays the same. Can you please fix it???


WOOT! There back...but i can't read what they rated! sobs