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how to use prompt tables??
how exactly do you use a prompt table? do you just choose random words? sorry if this is a stupid question but I'm not thinking today
Do you mean something like this?

If you're using a prompt table to write, that means that for each word-prompt, you write one piece inspired by that word.

So for example, if it said, "surprise", you would probably have the characters face an unexpected twist. "Red" could be anything you associate with red. You don't have to use the word in the piece explicitly, but the word should inspire the piece in some way.
Alternatively, you can think of a prompt as a "theme".

A prompt table is usually set up by the moderator or members a themed fanfiction community, and then everyone uses the same table. Often, each member will claim one "pairing" or set of characters, or at least one fandom, then write a set of pieces using their claim and each of the prompts. So if you're doing the writing, you're probably using a prompt table that a particular fanfiction community has already created for everyone to use.

Prompt tables usually aren't random, although they were originally chosen by someone just trying to think of some suggestive or inspiring words that might work well as prompts. If you look at the table I linked to, you'll see how the rows tend to be groups of related words.

Does that help?