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A good day to all
Hello! I'm 20, I'm male, I'm from South Wales and I'm studying Welsh in University. I intend to mostly write Harry Potter fanfiction, and I was going to seek out a Potter-specific site until a friend pointed me here. I'm very glad she did; the rating point system is superb.

I wish the site the best of luck, and it's nice to be here so early on in its life.
How curious -- you're the second Welsh FicWad user who has come to my attention today. ^_^
Iceduck and I used to work together on a website. Technically, we still do, I think, although I've not been there in a while.

Welcome to Ficwad, buddy! I'm glad you like it as much as I do.
; )
Welcome! I have already received your reviews. Thank you for taking the time to leave them.

I hope that you enjoy the site. I know that I am.

Hello and welcome, Iceduck. We're glad to have you here!