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I write Fall Out Boy fan fiction. And sometimes original.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone could give me tips on how to make my characters seem more realistic. I feel I need to make my characters more lifelike. So, could you please help me?
Hey there.

I'm not too sure if what I do is very useful because well, I just don't know if my characters are lifelike.

However, before I write a story, I make a list of main characters. I make a chart for each character. One side is bad qualities and the other side is good qualities. I make sure the list is either balanced out or has more things on the bad qualities side. Because, you know, all humans have a ginormous amount of flaws.

But like I said, I dunno if it helps me at all, it's just a habit I've grown accustomed to. If you think this is the kind of thing that would help, you can try it. You have my permission =D

I once heard an author say, "No character you create is original. Each of your original characters will take characteristics from the people you know."

I can tell you that this is absolutely true! I've written original stuff and passed it onto friends to proof-read. Some characters I've consciously based on people I know, others I haven't and it's always made friends laugh whenever they've been able to pick themselves out, not matter how evil the character may be. I think the idea of being in a future potential best seller (ROFLMAO) is enough for them! So take a look around yourself, at your friends. Who best suits your original character? You don't have to base everything on them, just bits and pieces. Pick and mix what you want to create the character you want.

I don't know if that'll help you any... :)
If you begin see the word "was" too often in your story, then that could be a starting point. "Was" is an empty verb. It tells you about something rather than showing you. And you definitely want to show your character. So, in place of "was", use an action verb.

Example: The girl was happy.

Very boring, right?

Try this: The girl felt happiness rise to her throat in giggles.

Better? Yes. Much.

However, sometimes it is necessary to use "was", but don't let it become a habit.

Also, as a young writer, you are still developing your writing skills. So! Take it s-l-o-w and take it easy.

Have fun!
Thank all of you tons.
Your help was extremely useful and I'll be sure to use your advice once I write another story. =D
My recommendation would be to make sure your characters don't do thinks too often that you can't see yourself (or a friend, if you're too normal for your fic lol) doing. Like, put yourself in their head.

And be consistent. If a character has spent four chapters having a phobia of being touched, don't make them suddenly get over it. If a character has spent half a story being impossibly difficult to rile up, don't make them go nuts because their sister ate the last of the cereal. It's worth it in the long run.

That's my twopence worth...
Thank you. =D