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It won't post my edits!
The first story I posted here doesn't ehow at all, even though it shpws the cprrect wprd cpunt, the words themselves have all vanished.

I long since gave up on that one, and now I posted a new ficlet, then I edited it some, mainly because for some reason Blaise Zabini shows up in the "Characters" list, and he has no buisness being there, so I tried to remove him from it, as well as make some other minute changes such as an author note, making the title bold, and a couple of typo corrections - only none of the changes I made, in five different postings, registered with the site!
What to do? What to do?

What are the chances anyone would reply to this?

How the heck do I contact FicWad administration, anyway? ff.net never replied to any of my post to their support department, but at least they have a "support" mail address and link - in a prominent place on every page of their site. I've been lookiong through all the tabs and sub-categories and pages on FicWad and have yet to find a sinilar link here!

I think you have to email 'admin@ficwad.com' with your problem if you're having issues with the site.

And usually it takes a few minutes to show your edits. But, I was editing one of my stories and it took, like, a day to show all the edits.

I don't know. =/