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Hello, just a random reader ;)
I feel almost guilty hanging around here, as I seem to be the only 'pure reader' in the forums (unlike the rest of you, who both read and write).

Hello-hello anyway!
Hello! Keep reading. :-)
Hallo! And yes, I shall try to do so ;)
What good is a story without anyone to read it? Welcome!
yay a reader!
dnt worry, everybody needs readers! and maybe one say u'll happen to read my story/ies
I love readers because they...u know....read our stories...=P...HAHAHA!!! JK! But seriously they do and they review them which helps and gives encouragement so you are very welcome here!
As long as you review what you read, nobody has a problem.
What? XD You're valued here. Don't be silly. We could always use more readers and reviews. We are all desperate for them (including me.)

Welcome, I think I am newer than you here. XD
Hallo Thar!
Hallo thar random reader!