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Parent Category?
I want to suggest a 'This Ugly Yet Beautiful World' in the anime category and the 'Maximum Ride' series in books, but i'm not really sure what to do. I understand listing the names of the main characters and writing the title of the new category, but what the heck is a 'parent category'?
I'm having that same problem.
Someone please help us!
help would be nice!
That would be great!

It's a little confusing as to how to suggest stuff, yet there are all these series nobody ever writes anything about...
A 'parent category' would be the category your suggested category would fall under. So the parent categories are those eight categories you first see on the 'Browse' page.

Okay, I get that part, but why does it make you have to select something in that category?

If I wanted to suggest the anime 'This Ugly Yet Beautiful World', do I have to select 'Tenshi Ja Nai' since the title comes before TUYBW alphabetically?
Yeah, I don't get that either ... because it doesn't let you select "Books" or "Movies", you have to select something specific in that category like "Wicked" or "Star Wars".

I had the same trouble - I just submitted a band I wanted to post fiction about, but wasn't able to select "Celebrities" as the parent category. The main categories don't show up as selectable, only the sub-categories do. Very confusing.

Will this be addressed so that adding new sub-categories becomes easier?
Please someone! We're begging you! WE WANT OUR FANFICS PUT UP!!