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This site needs more formats to submit fics as.
Specifically, this site needs to have the ability to accept .doc format stories. It would be great if all formatting of the story be identical to that fo the .doc file as well.
I recently submitted a story to the Lilo and Stitch section titled 'to remember a beautiful death' in .doc format. It didn't show.
I always submit my fics as .docs because I believe the formatting of a story is an important part of the actual storytelling, as it makes the reading physically easy, or hard on the eyes.
Does it work anywhere if you submit as a .doc or .txt without using html tags? You keep the format if you submit it as .htm or .html or .pdf, why not use one of those? Or the 'type it in the box' thing.
We're constantly updating the way uploads are handled, to preserve as much formatting as possible. We do plan to eventually support .doc uploads, but because Microsoft Word files are significantly more complex than plain text or HTML, it's a long-term plan.

I suggest that for now, if you want to keep your formatting intact, save your story as HTML. Microsoft Word has an option for it, and it'll automatically convert your formatting to the appropriate HTML tags, which can be viewed and understood by our upload script.
I just resubmitted the story in HTML format.
You were right mostly. All the formatting remained intact except for the indentations, which I had to go through and do mannually.
If you forward the HTML document to admin@ficwad.com we can try to make the indentation work in the future.
I initially had difficulties posting here, as I am fond of MS Word and write all my fics in that format, but lately, after I've posted my chapter at ff.net, I've been copying and pasting from the finished post there into the text box here, and it works very well, even saving my points of suspension. I haven't tried it with italics yet.
This site should go back to posting fanfics the old fashioned way.