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Story editor
I've added a very minimal editor to the story page -- just a few buttons to let you bold/italic/whatever bits of your story, and a preview panel.

If anyone has any problems with this, let me know.
story editor
well since the story editor appeared everytime I post a story it has no spaces. I dont even use the editor, I use html.
Everytime I try to update, every time I want a new line, it connects to the previous; half my html doesn't work when it did before; and it doesn't recognise speech marks or apostrophies
Story Editor
I haven't seen the story editor at all. no buttons, nada.
The buttons!
I see them! All your computers are evil >/
Sorry to be a pain, but at the story loading page, I can't get anything further than the category section, nothing below that appears on the page. I've already posted two chapters of a story, but when I try to upload I get that.
Story edittor
I think it's a lot easier to use now. Thanks!
It won't let me post my 13th chapter! sniff sniff I problably confused people because I didn't relize that it wasn't showing up untill I possted the next chapter... HELP PLEASE!
Every time I tried to upload a chap, I get: "You need to actually provide a story." Argh! What a pain!
The italics won't work on some of my stories.