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How do I handle this? I need help...
sighing I'm working on a multi-chapter longfic in the Naruto universe, and I need some concrete criticisim on it. I don't know where I'll take this bacause I'm drowing in the non-reviewness of any site I post it on. It is an Alternate Universe, Multi-Oc centric fic. That probably takes my reviews down somewhat, in addition to the fact that the first few are a little less smooth than the later chapters. As It's not written in sequence order, I can see where some people might get lost.

Aside from that, I have two reviewers for this story. One is a writer whose work is wonderfully dark, [my current obsession, I fangirl over her work incessantly, I'm promoting her here, Novocaine /Read Novocaines work!!/] And another is a writer who once was a friend and claims to hate my work, yet all of the works that she has up are derivative from the story she hated. What?

I don't mind that she took my characters.

Really, I don't.

But if you're going to bash my fic, why don't you write something better? Why not give me a real reason to change my writing style? I know I'm not the best writer out there, But I'm trying my hardest. Sending me email that says I ripped something off from some other story you read instead of reviewing, and reviews that are accusatory like this,

What The Fuck is this, Lya? This chapter makes no sense. Trash. You really have a long ass way to go if you want to be a professional.

or like this:


. . .
I swear, I almost threw up. Oro/Sasuke? You are so much more depraved than the first chapter had shown you are fucked up, lovely.

I don't like it. but I'll read it because you asked me to. If you don't like my reviews, tough, dearie.

This chapter was very jagged. It was like slitting your wrist with a serrated knife, you keep getting snagged and the pain just gets worse.

Not that that metaphor isn't lovely- I didn't ask you to review my work, I only suggested the site to you for you to post your own things- Just shows your age. Not that you should be reading much of my fic, considering your age.

Okay. with that little rant out of the way... embarrased laughter And going back and deleting her name from the text so she doesn't say I'm harrasing her on the forums, does any one else think I am being unfair?

I mean, does my story suck that much?

The story i'm talking about is

The Oracle


P.S.: What is with this? I get people emailing me stuff about my story and shooting me IM's but no one reviews?