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I want an intro too!
Hi, I'm Angie and I post on FF.net as angelicattie, I brought almost all my stories over here from there exept a really bad Ranma fic. I found out about this place googling FMA fanfiction and what I got was a cool new fanfiction site!

I really like long continuity type stories, I mostly read fruitsbasket fics, but dabble around in other categories too.

. . . what else . . . I'm an artist moonlighting as a writer moonlighting as a batender, and if that sound like fun to you read Darrren Greer's book Still Life with June.

Okay, enough intro, it's nice to be here, cool community, can't wait for more writers and stories.
Hello and welcome, Angie! We're glad to have you here, in all your many forms. (I think I've been moonlighting as so many different things for so long that I've forgotten what I was to begin with....)