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Ratings...Please Help!
Okay, I'm new on here...As far as the ratings are concerened...What do "spoilers" and "mild spoilers" mean? Does it mean like...Giving things about the story away? If so...Why would that count as a warning? lol Because if they they just read it, they should know what happens in it, right?
Please help!
This refers to -series- of all kinds.

Some people want to read only about material they're already familiar with, not about things they haven't yet heard, read or seen. Not everybody watches movies/TV at the same time (for example, the UK gets American TV series at best with a few weeks' delay; at worst it can be several months; conversely, British series like Dr Who come to the US with a 2-week interval). Similarly, books may be published at different times, depending on which country you live in -- not every book is a Harry Potter! (Translations can take even longer ...)

A mild spoiler would be references to minor plot points (someone dies); a "real" spoiler would be "character X dies".
Not giving things about YOUR story away. Giving things about the source material away. Original 'fics, by definition, cannot have spoilers of this kind.

I see that you write about music. For the most part, you don't have to worry about spoilers except on songs that have a lot of narrative to them. (In Loreena McKennit's "The Highwayman," the protagonists die.)