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Invisible Reviews
I've noticed that a hell of a lot of stories say "1 review" and then the sneaky little things don't show up. It just says no reviews.
Why, oh why do they hide?

And..before I go insane...WHAT IS A BETA?! Several writers are talking about using a beta, updating via their beta...can I be in on the secret? WTF are these mysterious things?
Beta is fanfic jargon for a volunteer editor, usually a friend who reads and gives you feedback/critique/corrections.

No idea about invisible reviews.
It's nice to know that I'm not going insane, and that other reviews are disapearing. It's so annoying!!!
Yay! I finally know what they are!!

And yeah, it is pretty annoying. Indiana Jones should quest for them.
I can see it now;
'Indiana Jones and the quest for the Lost Reviews!"