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Shameless Self-Promotion
I think this topic has already been thought of, but for people who want reviews this is the place, and I encourage everyone who wants publicity to post here.

I myself shall start this off with a story of my own:
'Slayer Story', in the horror section. It hasn't had many views, and I would dearly love some feedback to see how it's going.
Plz try my new Avatar fanfic "The Blood". or an old favorite "The Perfect Time.". Or maybe "Katara's and Aangs magical evening".

Who hates kime possible? i don't, but it got cancelled. so i wrote a suicide/rape one. AKA "Kim Possible: So The Drama: Talk."

thank you BlackAngelChick for letting me fill your thread, and thank you readers, for lending me your time.

Ill have it back by tuesday, i promise!!!
I'd just like to note that the final chapter of Slayer Story is up.
Yay! :)
I wrote an original piece.
It's called Ten Cities, and I would truly truly love to have some reviews.
I'll check out these others too.
Any Motley Crue lovers out there? I got a few fics under them and I would love some feedback to let me know how I did. There are four oneshots, /Hug/, /Kiss/, /Control/, and /October/. My multichapter in-progress fic is /Interesting/.
A little warning though, all my fic are slash.
I have a few fics: One an FF6 Multipart called Spark, the other an Utena one-shot called Eulogy of a Missing Person.
Well I'd love anyone to read my work and review LOL
Haha, I'd love for anyone to read and review any of my work, please.
I love self promoting. Here's my piece. It can be found under Original/Fantasy

Search For MySelf by kandice.
Calleigh abadoned her home at a young age for the not so glorious life of fangbanging. Now she's the right hand man for a controlling, reticent vampire who has a penchant for causing trouble. But that isn't as glorious as it sounds, either.

It has only one chapter up as of now, but I have five more waiting to be posted, but only if I get reviews

Just a question, would anyone be interested in this story?
Changes in the Night
Next to having my boyfriend beaten up, getting stalked by a vampire, and dealing with the harsh lifestyle of a slayer, I like to think my life is pretty normal, that is, until Jill showed up. Now it seems everyone wants a piece of me.

Oh, and if you review me, there's a preeeeety good chance I'll review you!! As long as your story is original.
oops, I meant to add this.

All of my stories contain strong protagonists with somewhat bad mouths. There are mature themes such as violence and adult situations (though no lemons) throughout them.