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Ok. I've been a member on this site for quite awhile. I love this place. But I barely post anything. Why?

First off, things rarely get updated. Secondly, if I want to suggest a character or even better, a new category ( like miyavi, for example), I better suck it up. It's not like any attention is ever going to be paid to the problem. All I'm asking is that the admins actuallly listen, and I don't know, follow or at least think about people's suggestions and complaints.

I've gotten reviews, and I'm really happy that I have, considering some people have been on here a year or mor and even though they may have quite a few page views, they don't have any reviews. And ratings are extinct, because I haven't seen a rating above a two for anything in awhile, no matter how good the story.
People, this is a community. Authors need constructive criticism, and a little love. See how active the forums are?

I vow from now on to, whenever I read a story, no matter how old or bad (or both) it is, I will rate and review.

Thank you for reading this.
I hate spelling mistakes. It's "more", not mor.