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It depends on what style you want to write, like 2nd and 3rd person can compliment each other very well in the same if presented properly. I do change POV often in the stories I write in third person. You give the read a larger world and a better idea what going on from the various points of views from the characters.

I think a 1st and 2nd could compliment each other. But when you write a 1st person story, it's better to keep with that One character throughout the whole story and not bounce. It's annoying and confusing.

If you don't want a POV hopper, write in First Person.

If you want the main character to short of speak to the reader while in a 1st or 3rd person story, make it brief and to the point if you want to have a good Second Person in there.

If one does a POV hopper, it's better to write it in Third Person.

It all also depends on the capibilities of the author. Do what you feel comfortable with, and practice with a new style on the side if you want.

OTOH, you can weave the side-stories together when you have multiple narrators - they can be unreliable narrators, too.
I dislike the "unreliable narrator" approach. Mostly because of one book I read where in the last ten pages the narrator said "actually, everything I said so far has been a lie". It really soured me on the approach.
O_o That's a weirdy. 'Unreliable narrator', to me, means that the character narrating doesn't know everything, and so trys to guess at things. More about PoV than ITrickYouHa!
It all depends on how it's done and if it's done well. I'm experamenting with 1st and 2nd. I don't like an over the top narritive, than again, I'm picky about authors.

I'm writing a story that takes place over 14 days. Each day is told from the POV of a different character... it's definatly interesting. =o How does that sound?
It sounds different. So is each day a chapter or what?
I'm writing a story where someone is telling something that happened in the past (OKay, it's FF. Cloud's past)and then at the end they tell the alternative future (If the Nibelheim accident wouldn't have happened)
Yeah. A day a chapter.

Except for the first and last, they take place on the same day, just different halves. The first chapter tells of the results of the story, while the other 14 tell what happened
Sounds good!
What's it actually about?
Ahh... it's a Zelda fanfic in a series of stories that isn't up on this site yet, due to me wanting to touch them up. (Some of them are old) I cooked this story up because I had thought up ANOTHER story and I needed to write THIS story to set it up. ^^;