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searching for a story i read and forgot to favorite it! HELP!
hi kids - i read a harrypotterxdracomalfoy fic and i can't find it! i swear to god i favorited it and i went through all of my favorites. and i can't find it at all! if anyone can find it for me, i know they are in detention together and they kiss. i have no clue what the title is or even is about - so if someone knows something along the lines of that - please message me with a link to the story!

thanks so much!
I also forgato to do that!!! It was about Harry turning into a Royal something (Keyante?) but first he went to WWW's then gringotts and then transferd to another school. He stayed at the schools hotel for a few days meeting two of his mates then he took the seventh path, met a dying female basilisck and agreed to take care of it's daughter in return for safe passage. I you know what story this is E-mail me at mmmmmegan3211984@msn.com for subject put FOUND STORY!!!

Thanks for the help:)

I don't remember who the author is, but there is a story like that called "Draco Malfloy is SO Gay". I have it favorited. I don't know if it's the one you're looking for, but I remember something about Draco bragging about how sexy he is and then kissing Harry sometime after that. Either way, it's a good story. Even if it isn't the one you're looking for, you should read it and review.