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How ARE the Featured Stories selected?
I often wonder how featured stories on various sites are chosen. I've watched FicWad's featured section, and have drawn the conclusion that the stories are randomly chosen from a set group of stories.

I have read a few stories listed there, only to see them appear several times more in the spotlight.

Am I even remotely close to the selection process? Am I too nosy for my own good? (Yes, you can tell me this.) Is this post even in the right section?!

I figured that since this post was not a "Site bug" highlight, it could go here. I'd love some feedback, either way.


They're randomly picked from the highest-rated stories in the database. We don't filter it any more than that. Maybe we'll make it more sophisticated someday, but... ^_^
Ah ha!
Ah, so that is how they are chosen. Thanks for answering my question.
It's a bunch of folks with a dart boeard and a bunch of darts....
The Problem is, that in some of the smaller categories, people hardly review or rate stories, so stories only have one chance to be featured before the high rated ones take over until the next new story is posted. It's annoying, especially when you know your story is well liked on other sites.