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Anyone need a Beta Reader?
Hey, I was wondering if anyone needs a beta. I want to get in as much practice with editing as possible.

Obviously, I will only beta for fandoms that I know. Those would be the following:

Jonas Brothers
The Mighty Ducks
Harry Potter
the Sandlot

Before you reply saying something like, "Why would I want you as a beta reader if you haven't even written any stories youself?", I have written a lot of fanfics, there's just not on this site.

And please don't reply telling me that no one likes the Jonas Brothers or something like that, because I don't really care if you don't like them. Just because you hate them doesn't mean that I will stop liking them.

So anyway, if you would like me as your beta reader, tell me, and I will most likely gladly accept.
I could use someone to tell me how my Harry Potter story is going. I kinda added my own to it but it will have the same characters with the same personality so if you want can you be my beta? The story is called The Forgtten One I only started it today so for now it's only got two chapters