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Nice to meet ya
Hello, all,
A forum is a great idea and a great way to connect with other fanficcers (is that a word?). I write original fanfiction, but mostly troll about reading the work of better authors. Nice to be here on ficwad and I'm looking forward to seeing the site grow and change. If you're interested in strange, slashy stories, take a peek at what I have up. Thanks!
Isn't "original fanfiction" an oxymoron? XD Hi there! Nice to meet you -- I think I vaguely remember you from somewhere, but I can't recall the precise details. Hmm.
Well, if it's not cliched... g
Another slashy original fic writer? Woo! Glad to have you here!

I probably wouln't call it "original fanfiction" either--to me, "fanfiction" is pretty much exclusively writing based on the works of others.
Yeah, it's an oxymoron, but one that always slips out with me. I think it's because for some reason, these days, "fanfiction" has taken on a lot of definitions with me that other people maybe don't agree with. Ah, well. You say "Potato"...