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New here!
I like this place. I'm a big fan of Cheap Trick, Cinderella, mostly the 80s music acts. I have a few stories done and I promise I will put them up, once I have the nerve to.

weclome RobinZan, I'm new too (its VNS), glad to see you here.
VNS! Hey girl!! It's RZ!! Long time no see!
Yeah, I haven't seen you in a while, it's cool to see you again. I've been around at the Slashedtodeth site lol.
Funky just sent me the link to that site last night and I just joined it today. Don't know heard if you heard, but I've been banned from Rockfic a few months ago myself. LOL Hope to hear from you more often.
LOL yeah, I asked for a friend to look for your name on there and she said she couldn't find your name so i figured you probably have. LOL I got banned for speaking my mind as you know. Andy called me a F-wit (not sure if cursing is allowed so i don't want to curse) and I didn't like that so I went off, plus i was having a bad day. What were you banned for?
I was told irreconcirrable (sp?) differences, but I think it was because I stood up for you. It's like your either a part of their clique or your not wanted there. rolls eyes A friend told me that there were a lot of bannings the night I was.
Oh my, I see your point, if you don't agree with them, then you're gone, it's their way or no way. Well who cares? LOL, surely I don't.
Welcome welcome! Good to have you here!
thank you Sun Tyger, glad to be here