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Why Fibromyalgia Needs Omega 3 EPA-DHA
Doctors have a very hard time telling a person specifically why their back hurts. In the US every year back pain affects millions of individuals, with the total cost of care exceeding $100 billion annually.

Even the best trained doctors who see patients with pain in the back on a regular basis including pain management doctors, spinal surgeons, chiropractors and others can only tell a person approximately 50% of the time effectively why their back hurts. The reason is fairly simple. Modern medicine in the realm of back pain is simply not advanced diagnostically nearly as well as in other fields of medicine.

Here are two examples. If you have chronic low back pain and go in for treatment, one of the first things that will be done is plain x-rays. These will be less than 2% effective for actually showing any reason for the pain as even if arthritis is seen, it is not definitively the reason for the pain. There is very poor correlation between the severity of degenerative arthritis seen on x-rays and the amount of pain a person is experiencing.