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A New Category
The only reason I bring this suggestion up here, is because it could fit in all the sections (Movies, Comics, etc.) A miscellaneous category for both fandoms that are too small to warrant a category or ones that haven't been put up yet due to time constraints. That way, authors still have some place on this site that put these fics up.
This is something we've been trying to avoid from the beginning, actually. It's mostly based on my own experiences with MediaMiner--who wants to sift through a humongous Miscellaneous category for their obscure fandom? It's much better for the readers to have specific categories for each fandom, and doesn't lead to a bunch of mis-categorized fics when the specific category has been created.

Also, in theory, a new category shouldn't take long to be added. We're currently a bit behind on them, because we're in the middle of revamping the tools we use for managing categories and characters, but once we're finished with that coding, new category suggestions should be able to be added to the database in a matter of hours. That should make it a lot more convenient to just suggest a new category for a fic that doesn't have one yet.
So you're willing to create an entire new category for a single fic? Or would you prefer a broader category, say, instead of a section for just KotOR or Jade Empire, a category for Bioware games?
Not quite sure which forum to ask this in...
But which catagory would The Ring/Ringu go in? I've got a fic, and there isn't a catagory already, but I know that it's a film and a book.
Sneakily, we have links. We can add a new category under one parent category, and have a link to it under another. (Harry Potter, for instance, leads a fascinating dual life in Books and Movies.) Just submit it as whatever feels most appropriate, and we'll work things out.
Plutospawn, to answer your question, it depends on the specific fandom. Generally speaking, we'd like to have a specific category for every fandom, even if there's only a single fic in it. After all, just because there's only one fic now doesn't mean it'll be that way forever.

In Books, we do things a little differently--sometimes we use an author's name for the category name. This is because some authors write in many different universes, none of which are exceptionally popular (in fanfic terms), and it's hard to pick a name for the individual categories (do we use the book name, the series name, the world name...?).

For your specific example, we'd definitely want separate categories for KotOR and Jade Empire, as they're set in vastly different worlds, and "Bioware Games" would be an ever-expanding category that would get completely out of control over time.

As usual, I talk too much. I hope this answers your questions!
Anime category
I noticed that a Slayers category in the Anime/Manga section is not availible. Is it possible to add it?
Of course! I've just added it now. If you have any more category suggestions, feel free to use our category suggest form, which is located at www.ficwad.com/suggest.php.
I totally support not having a Misc. section for exactly the stated reasons. Several things I write are in incredibly tiny fics (to the point that I've been the ONLY person writing ff for something) and it's cool to have a whole, easily found catagory to one's self.
naruto/tsunade 4ever!!!!!