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Favorites of the Underground
Yeah, don't ask me about the title. It sounds cool.
Anyway, since the rest of my messege didn't show up, here is what this thread is for. "Claim" your favorite fic. (You can't take credit for writing it, obviously.) It can be any fandom, pairing, rating, warnings, gen, het, slash, bi, whatever. I'll post one so you can see the format. I ask that you don't put one of your own fics on here, since there's already a thread for that. So come on and tell people about your favorites and find something for yourself!
Title: Halloween Queens
Author: littlemissbrownstone
Fandom: Guns N' Roses
Rating: G-R ranges from chapter to chaper
Pairings: Many, but mainly Steven/Axl
Warnings: Slash ad cross-dressing
Why I like it: It's soo funny and she is one of my favorite authors, plus it's fitting fot this time of the year.
Link: http://ficwad.com/story/100845