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I would like to request a songfic if anyone is interested.
I would like someone to write a songfic based on the song "You found me" by Kelly Clarkson. I would prefer it were yaoi, and it can contain anything from fluff to erotica. Just put a proper warning on it. Please. If you would like to write my request, please let me know. Give me some feedback on this. I'd really appreciate it. I'd love it if more than one person did it. I love that song, but I can't seem to write a proper fanfic to it.
send me the lyrics to
and I'll see what i can do. I'll probably start work on it around tuesday.
Anyone else? Lyanvis is supposed to be gone for a while, so if at all possible, would someone else agree to write me one? If not, I guess I'll attempt it, but it might just go horribly wrong. Who knows? If you are interested, if you want to write a fic with me, if you have a request for me, or even if you just want to say "What's up? Would you like to read some of my work?" contact me as the following e-mail address:


Thanx for your time ^.^

(And no I am not a machine for those of you who might think so) lol