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giving healthy life accreditation bodies.
giving healthy life accreditation bodies.
In fact, in 2016, an ABAB-accredited umbilical cord blood bank successfully delivered a lifesaving treatment to a 7-year-old child by providing stem cells that were obtained from the umbilical cord blood that was saved. years before the birth of his brother. This 7 year old boy, who is the older brother, was diagnosed with beta thalassemia important, which is a blood disorder that could require blood transfusions daily and in life, can branch out to other various risks and serious health ailments.
There are several reasons why AABB accreditation is considered the best practice for umbilical cord blood transplantation. This accreditation program uses a risk-assessment approach that requires careful evaluation by an AABB advisor to be in place, examining the facility's policies, processes and procedure to discover potential nonconformity marks. At the time of this accreditation process, the institutions benefit from the personalized assistance provided by a technical specialist in the AABB accreditation department. It is this specialist who in turn guides and assists the institutions and the members of his team in the accreditation process, providing answers to the required queries and the authentication procedure followed and the maintenance of the documents. The verification process is strict, so the transplantation of umbilical cord blood from the umbilical cord blood bank does not pose health risks or other discomfort.
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