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Yarp. Yarp. ...naaarp?
Me S.K., you reader.
You can tell when I like you because I'll immediately write a fic about you seducing your best friend. (Oh, wait, that's only bands I like, my bad. ^_^')

I'm over-obsessive, a procrastinator, and obnoxiously loud. But that last one's alright, cause I'm also a drummer. xD

I can't help who I fall in love with. That does NOT mean I'm an attention-seeking teenybopper; it means I'm shoved in the hallways and called a dyke and a sicko because I have a girlfriend.

I sold my soul to rock'n'roll.
Good Charlotte are my idols. They started off with nothing and now they've got everything they wanted. I love them so much.
That said; my favourite band is Green Day, closely followed by My Chemical Romance. And all sorts of terribly clichéd pop-punk. Like Simple Plan. does the Simple Plan snort

So... you guys like me? :3
Hey there.
I appreciate a strong young woman who knows who she is and ain't changing for anybody. So, yes, I most certainly like you. Oh, and i have a tendency to be loud, too.

I look forward to reading your fiction . . . if it's anything like your introduction, I think I've found something wonderful.