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Jeeze...fanfiction.net is like...really harsh...
Now don't get me wrong. My favorite fanfic site is and will always be ficwad. It holds a place in my heart that nothing could ever replace, but I wanted to check fanfiction.net out to see what the hell all the fuss was about and after I read the terms of posting, it seems to me that it's rather strict. You can post ONLY fanfiction on there...like...no originals. Now I get that it IS called fanfiction.net, but I really expected them to be a little more lenient. I dunno. Either way, even though I made a name on there, I'm sticking with my homeboy ficwad because there's just something about this site that...I dunno...LETS YOU POST WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT?!? With the obvious exception of plagerized stories and poems. ^.^'
Anyways...yeah...I'm signing off now because I'm tired and frankly, I want to find my flash drive. It went missing in my friend's room today and I need to find it because all of my stories are on it, and they all have stuff that isn't posted yet because it isn't finished. Chapters, stories, ect. Anyway, love you guys, and thanks for the support ficwad. I love ya.
Well, actually, I think Fanfiction.net used to have an area for original fiction, but it got so big that they split off a separate website for it: fictionpress.com. They are partner sites and run by the same group (in fact the interface is identical).

However, ff.net does ban songfics, MST3Ks, and a few other popular but spammy forms of fanfiction, which ficwad does not.
Sorry if this is a noobish kind of question, but thwat in the world is MST3Ks?
Mystery Science Theater 3000, a TV show which is imitated almost more often than it's watched.

You've probably seen it, but just in case, the basic premise of the show was that some unlucky technician (Mike) was stuck up on an automated satellite with a couple of service robots (Crow and Tom), and their sole entertainment was watching videos of really old, really REALLY bad science fiction/fantasy movies and making snide remarks.

Hilarious remarks.

Sidesplittingly funny commentary.

So the idea is to add a peanut gallery soundtrack to a well-known piece of work, good or bad.

My favorite example is the text-MST3K version of Eye of Argon. Eye of Argon is infamous as the worst piece of science fiction/fantasy EVER WRITTEN, so bad that it used to be read aloud at scifi conventions as a contest to see who could get through the most sentences without laughing.

Here's a copy of the MST3K version of Eye of Argon (with a brief intro, just as a standard MST3K episode would have):


It's so bad it's good, but I don't think you could read it without the helpful commentary!