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It's not that hard to figure out what I am.

I'm Kelsey.

Have you figured out what I am, yet?

If you guessed 'new' or 'newbie', or something of that sort, then your right.

I'll also accept 'music-crazed' 'goldfish lover' or 'a bit of an isomanic', for I am those also.

I don't want to tell you general stuff about me, 'cause frankly, it's gonna bore the tears out of the both of us.

So how 'bout some random stuff?

I almost blew up our microwave, making pizza.

My favorite colors are lime green and orange.

One time, I was walking done the hall, backwards, talking to my friends and I flipped over a water fountain.

Hilarious, I know.

Thinking about that still makes me laugh.

I am Aries and Yang and a Rooster on all those Sign Chart thingys.

REALLY bad grammer and spelling tend to infuriate me.

I love nicknames.

Some of the best ones I have are "Kels" "Kirbie "Kelchey" "Ketchup" amonst so many others.

Hmm... what else...

I actually HAVE laughed so hard milk came out of my nose.

I love to laugh.

If you can make me laugh, we will get along awesomely.

Is that even a word?


I absolutely adore dancing in the rain.

I love to stay up late and sleep in.

I love fanfiction. Hence, me being on this lovely site.

I especially love bandfics, AU, and OCs.

Well, I think that's enonugh info about me, for one post, anyway.

If you think I'm awesome and all that razz, add me and message me.

When I post some stories and stuff, give me a review or two.

infinte x's and o's,
You do indeed sound awesome and all that razz. I will indeed read your stories and possibly chuck you a review. And I'm pretty sure Awesomely is a word, just ask Bill and Ted.

I'm about to go check out some of your stuff.
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Hi! Your username rocks!! Hey do you mind checking out my first fic. Spongebob meets a new friend?
Hey Hola what was your first story?