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Plagiarism, Dirty Rip Off, or just Lazy Writing?
Normally I dont post in forums being happy to just share my thoughts with the author via reviews and such but a fic I came across just now is bugging me so much, I simply MUST get a second opinion on this fic.

The fic in question is http://www.ficwad.com/story/115505 .

The first thing you might notice is that 1/2 or more of the fic is in bold (90%+ in later chapters) this is not emphasis, but actually all of the writing that has been copied verbatim from www.fanfiction.net/s/3739457/30/Harry_Potter_and_His_Real_Dad .

On top of this there appears to be absolutly no other formating for the entire fic, line breaks included.

My question to you is: Would you consider this plagiarism, lazy writing or just a really bad rip off of a decent fic?
My question would be, was each one by the same author, or, did someone try to be cute and use someone else's work. I don't know if it were plagerism, considering that fan fiction is using someone elses characters to create original stories. It does not cross over to plagerism if it is original, and no one is making a profit off it. Maybe half-palgarism, because it was an original work despite. However, because it was done not for profit, what can anyone do about it except ignore the plagarist?
I pretty much consider it plagerism because the original author probably put a lot of wrk into it, and I know I would be pretty pissed if someone did that with one of my stories.

Maybe it was the same author though?
Who knows? I agree with northamericanscum though. It should be considered plagerism, because 1.) It is posted by a different screen name and is still breaking the rules even if they are the same person by posting the same story twice, though it was under a different screen name, and 2.) If a person wanted to have a different screen name and post some of the same work from the other, they should state it clearly that they are that person and the work is not being plagerised. Now, I can understand having a diferent screen name if you want to write things you normally wouldn't and you don't want them to know that it's you, but that is a whole other topic, so I'm going to stop myself right here before my rant continues. Oh, and I also realize that my two points completly conrtadicted each other, but I don't really care.