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Do you need a Beta Reader?
Hi, if anyone needs a Beta Reader, feel free to ask me. I pick up spelling and grammar mistakes, and can help with plot progression. I will help with most stories, so just ask.

Rach. :)
Here's me asking!
Here's me asking, hoping you have the endurance to read a novel, because that is what I wrote. I hope you like manga and American comics as well, because, that is what I deal with: a manga/American comics crossover, (Princess Tutu, DC.) Hope you enjoy!
I'll definitely start reading it. I had a quick look over it then - it sounds good. Tbh I haven't read any manga/comic stories before, but I'm open to anything really.

Is there any particular things you want me to help you with? Like, spelling/grammar, plot progression or anything? It would help me to know what you want me to look out for.

Thanks, Rach. :)
The biggest thing in writing something novel length is making sure the story flows from one thing to the next logically, doesn't grope to stay on point, and has the ability to keep the reader's interest to the point where they do not want to stop. One person on a private communication has flipped happily over the story, but more than one opinion is good. There is fantasy involved a bit, so, be prepared for some slightly unrealistic things, [hey, these are superheroes of which we speak, to that's pretty unrealistic to start with! ;)] However, I want to be sure that I did not go overboard to where the reader would say, "Now that's just rediculous!"
That's about it. Thank you for your kind attention.
So...Rocket queen, how goes the reading?
Argh, I'm so sorry, I started back at school last week, and it's really stressful. But I will read it this weekend, I need a break from all this school work xD. I'll just PM you what I think, is that all right? Or would you rather me post them in this thread? :)
You can do what you like, and also note, I have the first four chapters of a new story in there as well, (figured out how to do chapters now.) I would repost the old story in chapters if I knew how to do so without erasing it. I'm off to work on chapter five now.
It's not really so much as needing a Beta but if you could read my new story, Secret Love Foriden Kisses and tell me what you think and if theres anything I could do to make it better that'd be grate. I plan to make it reallllllllyyyyyyyyy long so that's why it kinda starts out slow.