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I'm actually not getting any alerts and iT's getting REALLY annoying!
I am glad to see it is not only me!. I thought maybe it was my email address but I am getting all my other emails perfectly. Why are we not getting fic alerts like we used to??
I only get alerts occasionally. It really needs to be fixed. The last alert I got was on the 20th of January, and I've seen that at least 10 authors and stories on my alert list have been updated.
I was checking in a section I visit often and I too saw that some of the people I have on alert have updated but I have received no alert letting me know :P.

Also I think that the alerts should take us to the chapter, not the chapter menu, what does everyone think?

Sometimes I have a hard time remembering the last chapter I read and it would be easier if the chapter loaded instead of the menu.
Me, too!
I haven't had any alerts since January 19th; and yes, there should have been some!

Please, please, pretty please; fix this, please!
Not one single alert to my Hotmail account since Janruary. They are broken.
I haven't gotten an alert in ages and I have no idea what stories I was following have been updated/finished and I hate that.
Add me and about 30 others I know from various Yahoo!groups to the list. Many of them are authors who are seriously considering pulling their stories as this site hasn't functioned properly in a couple of years.
True, no working search feature, no working alerts, forcing people do little more then browse through every single story on the website, or using outside search engines to link if you know enough about the story name.

The only real benfit this website is next to no restrictions on content due to graphic violence or sex, but even that quality starting to dim with so many things not working. I mean it's not like there are not other websites like mediaminer that have nearly the same advantages.
yeah, if the alert feature can be updated, please do so since it is not working :) it gets kind of difficult tracking all the stories i wish to keep track of....

thanks in advance :)