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how to post stories
i'm soooo confuzzled!!!!! how do i post a story? i already have a story written, but need to know how to post. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!
You can open a Word file to it, but the file has to be saved in a web page format. Once this is done, where you upload a story, click on browse, and it should open up your file page. Find your story, (the one in a web page format,) and then click on it. It will be in the box automatically, and you should then have no problem. However, if this what you have done, sometimes it takes a little bit of time before it is visible on the site, but be patient. Check your "My Account" box and see if it shows there. It should show there.
By the way, I gave a more detailed answer to your question in the "Melting Pot" thread. Check it out.
i know this is the wrong thread but can someone tell me what they think of my Frank Ireo story