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A way to cancel your account?
If there is already a way to do this, please for the love of cornflakes tell me. :)

I don't need my account anymore, so it would be awesome if you were able cancel your account. Or does an admin have to do this? o.O
I don't know but that's what I was thinking about too. I'm fed up with ficwad, personally, and I've found another site I'd like to register for anyway, though I can't get in yet just because of some stupid spammers that registered.
I'm not exactly 'fed up' with it, I registered because a friend wanted me to look at a story she had submitted ageesss ago, and since it was NC-17 i couldn't read it without an account. I haven't been on this in a while, so instead of it gathering dust I think it would be best to delete it.

Sucks about the spammers on the other site you like. :(