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Can I get some con-crit?
These are the first one-shots I've ever written, and I'd really like to have some con-crit on them. [both are My Chemical Romance fanfiction.]

The first one is based off the poem from '10 Things I Hate About You,' hence the title. I feel a bit awkward about writing a story around a poem- especially slash, which I have no experience with. So what do you think?

The second is titled 'More Than Words Could Ever Say.' By now, everyone in the MCR fandom should know that Gerard is a smoker. They probably all know about Lindsey, Gerard's wife, being pregnant. This is a short story about Gerard's struggle to grasp that he is going to be /father/, and that his addiction could possibly be downfall. I'm not really comfortable with this one, so I'd really like to have some comments.

Thanks to anyone who can rate/review/give criticism. ^-^