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Beta, anyone?
Okay, so I know that there are so many beta readers out there, but I've found that a shocking amount of authors need help.
I have a rather disturbing obsession with grammar, spelling and puncuation- so I will gladly help with that. I've also noticed that many stories, in the first few chapters or so, will tend to drag on in an attempt to introduce characters. I would love to help anyone with this problem, if they have it, as well as anyone with stories with the offensive ratings of boring/MarySue/trainwreck/illiterate.

I'm mostly comfortable with the My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Panic[!] At The Disco, InuYasha and Avenged Sevenfold fandoms; but I would certainly beta for any other category- espcially original works.

For contact, I'm available 90% of the time when I'm not in school.
I use AIM, and email; but I will gladly make a new account on a different service if you need me to.
AIM: nadia not unique
eMail: nadiaeatworld@tmail.com
[or] nadianotunique@aim.com
Good critque
I have not yet received any reviews or critques for my stories as yet. Because of the semi-abandonment of this site, I had to put a story in the originals with a disclaimer as to where it properly goes. Anyway, I have two complete stories here, and one in progress. One is multiple chapters, but unfortunately, because I didn't know how to get the chapters in right, I put it all in one shot, (about 180,000 words, and 23 long chapters: I've learned how to shorten them since.) Bottom line, is, are they good, do you like them, do they read well?