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A few issues...
First of all... can the Pokemon section be moved from the Anime section to the Games section? 'Cuz I just submitted a fic that has more to do with the games than the anime. ^^;

Second of all... Can there be a General genre and a Supernatural genre added? 'Cuz the fic that I uploaded fit none of the genres available... It was more General/Supernatural than anything.

Another thing... For some reason I can't directly upload my fic (it's a Microsoft Word document), and have to paste the text into the box... Then I have to add all the tags (italics, bold, underline, etc). I didn't mind this so much, but then I realized that your website wouldn't let me use Tab. When I pressed the Tab key, it went down from the Story Text box to the box below it. I needed it indent my paragraphs, not skip to the next box! @x; So I had to put the indentations on the paragraphs by using the space bar... which took a very long time.

Can you please, please fix these? ^^; It'd be greatly appreciated.
Personally, I would be irate if Pokemon were moved to the games section, because most of my two Pokemon fanfics (and at least one future one I have mind) thus far have more to do with the anime than the games. However, I really don't think it should be split either, becuase it's so small. Maybe a separate metacategory for hybrid series should be created?

And I can't upload word docs either.
There's a list of supported file-types on the story upload page -- plain text (.txt) or HTML (.htm, .html). We want to get support for Word .doc files, but it's a somewhat more complicated process. I've not seen a native-PHP tool for converting .doc files yet (they all rely on the script running on a machine which also contains Office, and basically opening a copy of Word to grab the text from).

For now, if you want to preserve formatting, I recommend using the "save as HTML" option, and uploading the .html file it'll give you.

Categories and genres... I refer to SunTyger. She has authority over those domains.
I tried HTML too, and got the same glitch. I find it a lot easier to just copy and paste anyway; it's another revision, and you can almost never revise too much.
Interesting. Can you forward me a copy of the .doc and .html files, and let me know what browser you're using? (admin@ficwad.com)

I'll take a look at that and work out what's causing the problem.
I got a new computer, and won't have access to the one that the files were on until I go back home.. don't know when that'll be. Also, I think I deleted the file. Still, next time I try to submit a fic, I'll try HTML again.
We're very interested in making HTML uploads as flawless as possible, so make sure you let us know if the problem shows up again. :-)
You're in luck!
I just managed to retrieve some really old backups, and one or two of the pieces are either postworthy, or editable in order to be postworthy. So when I get some time this weekend, I may edit and upload them, and I'll try using HTML. Maybe.