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a bit late for this, but hey...
hello. i'm new here at ficwad...well, maybe not all that new. i'm kinda noisy in the writing tips forum. nice to meet you all, and keep writing. ^_^
Welcome to those parts of the forum which are not helpful for writing!

hmm, i don't know. any place with good company and substantial amounts of coffee is great for writing. but then, who cares as long as it's fun? ^__^
Hmm... Coffee... Good for writing, perhaps, but generally evil in the getting-to-sleep stakes (perhaps I should point out that my brain may think it's working on PST but my body is in a GMT time zone; it's 6am here).
okay, i'm starting to think i'm drinking coffee a teensy bit too much. only espresso-level amounts of caffeine work on me now. O,O;

although, some writers probably swear by alcohol and at least three hundred packs of cigarettes. to each his/her own poison, huh? (and poison is meant both metaphorically and literally. viva la vice!)

oh, and hello, total_stranger. hope you and your brain have finally started working in the same here-and-now. ^___^
Woke up at 7am this morning... I suppose that's an improvement of sorts!
Tea is always the magical writing drink for me, especially if it's at a coffee shop with great atmosphere. But I welcome tea and coffee lovers alike--good to have you here, Moira!