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Lost Passwords
As far as I can tell, the e-mail system is broken in such a way that neither lost password e-mails nor verification e-mails are actually getting sent out.

Which is why I now have 3 usernames, two of which I can't get into. I'm just glad that I have a few spare e-mail addresses that redirect.
I've also lost my password - for no apparent reason. I usually put the easiest password that I can remember, but it doesn't seem to work on my original account, no matter which password combination I try.

Seriously frustrating.
This really needs to be taken care of!

I have been trying for ages to find the password to my last account and I cannot find it.

There is also no way for a none-registered user to contact someone about it.

I had to go find one of my unused email accounts to be able to write here and this makes this lady not happy.
I've also had this same issue. Haven't been to the site in awhile and couldn't remember my password. I hit the forgot password twice and then anxiously waited for an email to be sent to the address for that account. None has ever showed up, not even in my spam folder.

I finally just registered with a new email & figure I'll resolve having two accounts once the admin for this site decides to take an interest in it again. This is a really shoddy way to run a fic archive/site.