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"Xiaolin Showdown" Fic
I have started looking around for really good "Xiaolin Showdown" fiction on a few sites, and I haven't located any yet.

I am especially interested in Chase Young/Omi and Jack Spicer/Chase Young fiction. Heck, even a good Wuya/Chase would be appreciated. Thanks.

Have you seen my 'The Beginning of Something'? hasn't got any reviews or ratings yet Oh, wait. I'll be pimping it at the community in a bit. ^_^
I see you, Terra!

I have read that story, but not on this site. I thought the loosening of Jack's bladder was humorous, yet I still felt for him. Poor thing. pets Jack

Why pimp it at the community, when you can simply repost it?
I like to have quick access to review. ^_^