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Howdy Everyone!
I thought i would make my title sound entusiastic. Even in the slightest bit XD.

Besides, hello all on this small forum in which i didnt long discover was on this site, just like i didnt long discover it XD.

I am Gem, some may know me as LemGemapple. If your on DeviantArt, if not then i am Gem. XD.

I am a big Bleach fan and i do alot of bleach pairings fics, big plans for IchiRuki stuff at the moment, even though i am not so much of a fan of them.
My fav Bleach pair is: ByaRuki. (It isnt incest, so i support it!).

Some may have read the fic: What is Christmas, Ichigo? Most likely the douj first, but i am posting it up here. :P. It should be funky, the fic anywho.

Besides, not much to say only i do alot of fic writing and currently am working on a main fic. Which consists of an OCXRukia.